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DOUGH-LICIOUS PLAY: All-Natural Scented Sensory Playdough.

My little wildlings and I have a love for exploring the natural world outdoors. It provides such a deep richness in open-ended play possibilities, learning experiences and growth, all with the added benefits of grounding, mindful and calming play - just from being connected to nature. Living a low-tox lifestyle, it has always been important to me that our home environment, and particularly our children's play spaces (and especially things they could be tempted to taste) are non-toxic with no nasties.  As such, since my first son was old enough to explore with playdough, I have been crafting and perfecting dough with quality ingredients that are taste safe (but not to be eaten) for his sweet little fingers to squish, squeeze, roll and create with, infusing with beautiful scents to promote wellbeing and calm, and incorporating some of ‘Mummy Nature’s treasures” (as we like to call them) to extend his connection to nature, mindfulness and add on his sensory experience. 

I found sitting and playing with playdough with my son to be such a wonderful, calming, mindful practice. I became aware that I wasn’t only connecting with my son, but it activated play within myself and allowed my inner-child to come out and play, free of judgment, which became so powerful and healing. 

After experiencing the feeling of harmony within myself from squishing and shaping my sensory playdough, and seeing the joy my playdough and the connection with nature brought to my son and I (and his friends when they would come for playdates), I decided to make mini packages for friends. I am a creative person and giving gifts that I have handcrafted lights up my soul. It’s like giving a little bit of my heart with each present - each one unique and thoughtfully created for the special person receiving it. Since then, I expanded and started creating themed sensory packs with our all natural scented playdough being the star of the pack. We give them as gifts for birthdays, new sibling arrivals (to keep the older child/ren entertained), travel packs, to help ease stress & worry, a little extra help for another Mama to have some down time (and a cup of tea while it’s still warm!), birthday loot/favour bags, and everything in between. They are always such a MASSIVE hit and provide so much happiness...with both the kids and parents.

After being told countless times how wonderful, soft and squishy my playdough is, how lovely it smelt and how much longer it lasted than any others my friends  had tried (and spent money on), with a bit of encouragement, support and reassurance from my loving & kind friends, Hearts of Play bloomed to life. 

We truly hope you and your little ones have as much fun creating and making memories together with our playdough, tools and nature resources as we do. 

Thank you for your love and support, we are so grateful to have along for the journey with us.

With love & deep gratitude,

Elysse x