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Our Story


 I am Elysse, founder and creator of Hearts of Play and I am so incredibly grateful and honoured that you are visiting our little store.


Our Story began out of our families love and commitment to nature based, eco-conscious, mindful, holistic play and learning with our very own little wildlings - Lux and Lenox. After reading about different Forest schools, Montessori, Steiner, RIE philosophies, and the like, we knew we wanted to adopt and incorporate these methods in our own home environment with our children. Simple, holistic, open-ended play and learning with a deep respect for nature and imagination.


But most importantly, we would not be here today if it wasn't for the beauty that motherhood has brought into my life. Raising my kids has helped me gain an awareness of the importance of reconnecting with my inner child in order to heal past wounds.


Playing with my children has helped me do this and so much more. It is through play that I personally have found so much joy, calm and balance - through pausing, connecting and creating with my sons. It has helped me to slow down, be present and create a space where I not only connect with my children in front of me, but also my child within. Where I can unleash my inner child, and let her run free, which has in turn provided me with so much healing.

I often have friends ask me -

‘how do you find the time to create such fun activities with the boys all the time?’

My usual response, that I used to say jokingly but is now something I know is ringing more is, ‘I think I actually enjoy it more than them’!


Our inner child is within each of us and has a deep yearning for play! It has been shown that play in both children and adults reduces anxiety, has a positive impact on both physical and emotional health and well being, boosts creativity, imagination and so much more. You will be amazed at how incredible it can feel to sit, be truly present, in the moment and reconnect with your inner child whilst connecting and creating with the child in front you.

 It is because of my children that I have found this deep love for play and ignited the child within me again to create. It is because of them that Hearts of Play bloomed to life. 


I initially thought that crafting, making & playing with our homemade playdough, sensory play and daily nature adventures was to fulfil my child’s needs, but in time I learnt it was also to meet my own. Our products are for the whole family, for YOU Mama’s, Papa’s, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Caregivers too!


Each of our products have been thoughtfully selected & developed with the understanding of the deep richness it brings in being connected to our natural world and the myriad of open-ended play possibilities that go along with it. It is our deepest hope that our lovingly handmade and carefully curated eco-conscious, non-toxic products will help you, your inner child, and your little one connect consciously through play - creating a space of mindfulness, healing, harmony, love, balance, fun and growth, whilst incorporating natural elements and surroundings {something we feel is fundamental to meeting all the above and more.


All this with the added peace of mind knowing that we don’t stock or use anything in our products that we allow in our own homes and our very own children to touch, taste and smell! We have taken the utmost care to reduce our carbon footprint from start to finish #thereisnoplanetB. As such, we are proudly plastic free; products & packaging...we have even used paper labels on our own product stickers! 


From our family to yours - we sincerely hope that you and your little wildlings have as much fun, love, and laughter creating magic and memories with our beautiful products as we do.


We are always happy to help with any of your requests, including collabs & wholesaling.

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And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with all your beautiful creations! We can’t wait to see them @heartsofplay


With Love + Gratitude,